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What are signage widgets?
In a similar fashion to website design, Signage widgets are mini applications that provide useful information to the audience of your digital signage display with the intention of promoting repeat viewings by providing useful information such as the time, date or weather.

What Digital Signage Media players support signage widgets?
Our Signage Widgets are primarily designed for use on the ONELAN Net-Top-Box Digital Signage Media Player. However, Flash Clocks and the Hijri Calendar are simple flash objects that could be deployed in website applications, and other Signage Media players. The Weather widget is specifically design to work only on the ONELAN Net-Top-Box.

How often will this be updated?
We are always updating the current widgets with feature revisions and new designs to further improve the flexibility of the widgets.

Will I be notified when there are updates?
As and when notable changes have been made to the current widgets, or promoting the release of new widgets we will periodically notify you by email.

Are there any plans to show any other widgets?
Yes we have new widgets we plan to develop. If you have any ideas for new widgets that you may find useful for your signage installation, please let us know you ideas here.